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Last updated on Aug 21, 2020 15:09 in Website Design
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  • All in One: Sell anything like Physical Product, Digital Product or License key from this single ecommerce system. You can sell as a single vendor or you can sell by multi vendors.
  • Multiple Vendor Shop: If you want to allow people to sell products on your website then you can do it by this ecommerce system. New member can join here to sell their products.
  • Color Picker: You can change theme color from admin panel in less time than reading this sentence. Just select color from color picker or enter your color in hex format.
  • 100% Responsive: This system is 100% responsive for any device. Customers can use any device like mobile, computer, tab to use this system.
  • Multiple Language: You can add unlimited languages from admin panel and your customers can select any language from home page. It supports RTL language too.
  • Multiple Currency: You can add unlimited Currency from admin panel and your customers can select any Currency from frontend and all the price will be converted to customer's currency.
  • Single Vendor Shop: If you want to create a website and sell your products only then you can do it very easily from admin panel. You just need to disable multi vendor option from admin panel.
  • Dynamic Coupon: You can set unlimited coupons by FIXED price or PERCENTAGE with Limited & Unlimited Stock of coupons. You can select coupon START & END dates too.
  • Social Login: Customers can sign up with their FACEBOOK or GOOGLE account. It attracts more customers to buy products easily.
  • Affiliate Program: This feature will inspire anyone to promote your store products. If you allow this feature then anyone can join in this program and can earn money by marketing.
  • C2B Marketing: Any customer can apply to be a vendor from their user panel. It will inspire customers to setup business in your store. You can enable or disable this feature from Admin Panel.
  • Original Product Ratting: Only customers can provide ratting about purchased product. So new customers can check confidently before purchase. No fake ratting can be provided.
  • Product Stock & Color: You can set product stock, so no one can order more products than stock. You can add unlimited product color to attract more customers using easy color picker feature.
  • Payment Options: You can setup PayPal and Stripe to get paid from customers. Everything is setup & you just need to provide information in admin panel. Payment after Delivery is available too.
  • Invoice System: Vendor and admin can generate Dynamic Invoice for customers. Everything will be dynamic so System owner don't need to use other system for creating invoice.
  • Product SEO: In each product, vendor or admin can add custom Meta Tag and custom Meta Description. It will help the store to get more search result in any search engine.
  • Individual Vendor Store: All vendors will have their own shop page. They can add their slider in their shop page and share shop link to any social media or else. It will help to get more customers.
  • RTL Version: In this system you can use Arabic or any other RTL language. You can can customize everything from admin panel. No need to pay extra to do RTL version.
  • Real Time Notification: You will get Notification in your Admin panel, Customer panel and Vendor Panel. So it is more easy to check updates in this system.
  • Multiple Admin & Staff: You can set unlimited admin and staff to manage the website. They will have different permissions and no one can delete Main Admin.
  • Vendor Subscription Plan: Admin can create unlimited packages for vendors to subscribe. Admin can input any time frame with price for the packages. This system is very profitable for business.
  • License key Selling: You can sell license key product by this ecommerce system. You don’t need to create multiple store. Just setup this one and sell anything like software license, game license etc!
  • Digital Product Selling: Admin can sell Digital Product too in this all in one platform. Sell anything you want and grow your business very easily. This system will help you to become successful entrepreneur.
  • Discussion System: This system has a great discussion system. You can contact with any vendors. Vendors and admin can contact to. It has PHP mail function and SMTP setup too.

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